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The Spectacular Now, Short Term 12, and Don Jon are available digitally/DVD/blu-ray.

Basmati Blues (2014)
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The Gambler (December 19, 2014)
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The Good Luck of Right Now (2015)
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Trainwreck (July 24, 2015)
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Digging For Fire (2015)
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Room (2015)
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Brie Larson - Elle - November 2014
Photographed by Paolo Kudacki

Brie Larson | ELLE’S Women in Hollywood issue cover | November 2014 | x

Talk about being unique—she’s someone who clearly does not give a [bleep] about what she’s supposed to be as a young woman or as an actress or as an any kind of artist. She’s really doing her own thing. Whether it’s her music or the short films she’s making or really interesting choices she’s making as an actress, you just talk to her for a little while and you really get a sense of this unique person.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt on what makes Brie Larson great
Did you know that Brie did backing vocals on two of the tracks on Maroon 5's album "Overexposed"?
brielarsonfan brielarsonfan Said:

I didn’t, but you’re right! Daylight and Tickets. That’s pretty cool!


Why are you so nice to me? Well, it’s easy. It’s because you are the weirdest, most beautiful person that I’ve ever met in my whole entire life.

Short Term 12 (2013) directed by Destin Cretton.

“I want to be an actor. You’re either a personality or some weird character actor. I would prefer to stay anonymous—to make movies but not work on Sunday, to be able to sit at a café and have no one pay attention to me. That’s the dream, but I don’t think it really works that way.”


Short Term 12 (2013)

It’s impossible to worry about anything else when there’s blood coming out of you.

Brie Larson by Darren Ankenman for Malibu Magazine | August 2012